Video by E-Mediat participating NGO receives recognition in Tunisia

Featuring post (edited version) from E-Mediat Tunisia Blog

E-Mediat Participating NGO “Association of Journalist of Kairouan” won the 2nd prize of the best political video by Web Manager Center, which is one of the most famous Tunisian online magazine. On November 29, 2011 Mr Adel Nagati, President of the Association of Journalists of Kairouan was awarded the second prize of the best political video on Internet.

This online competition was organized by Web Manager Center and Mr. Nagati shared a video about “El Aridha”, the independent list that won 26 seats in the Constituent Assembly but which was unknown by most of the Tunisians prior to the elections. Mr. Nagati’s video, in which he interviewed some of “El Aridha” members and filmed them doing their electoral campaign, was shot on April 2011. At that time the video did not draw much attention. However after the results of the elections some sequences of the video were broadcasted on Al Jazeera, Al Arabya and France 24 TV channels.

During the ceremony Mr. Nagati mentioned the E-Mediat trainings and announced that it was thanks to the E-Mediat program in Tunisia that he acquired the necessary knowledge to produce such a video. Once again this proves that the Facebook page of this NGO is growing to be not just an alternative media but also a source of information for international news agencies.

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