New Media for Networked NGO: E-Mediat Networking Conference

Heather Ramsey, Director, Strategic Partnerships and Center for Women’s Leadership Initiatives, shares her excitement for the upcoming Networking Conference

Training of Trainers, Beirut, February 2011

Training of Trainers, Beirut, February 2011

Our team spread from San Francisco to Amman, Rabat, Beirut, and Tunis are enthusiastically preparing for our upcoming conferences to be held at the Dead Sea in Jordan and in Fez, Morocco in March. We are thrilled that Beth Kanter, co-author of The Networked Nonprofit and master curriculum developer and trainer for the E-Mediat program will lead both conferences along with our local teams. For the E-Mediat leadership teams, partners, trainers, participant NGOs, the conferences will be a great opportunity to meet face-to-face and share their successes and challenges.

Beth, along with participating organizations, in-country Leadership Teams and regional experts, will discuss advanced new media topics as well as showcase the impressive work of participant organizations during the conference. The E-Mediat NGO Networking Conferences will include opportunities for formal and informal networking amongst all attendees.

NGO Networking Conferences will include the following:

  • Sessions on advanced new media topics such as Content Curation, Integrated Strategy, Content for Blogs, Facebook and Building Community
  • Speed Geek Sessions showcasing participants’ work
  • Shoulder-to-shoulder laptop coaching sessions with leading social media experts and trainers

NGO Networking Conferences will also include a “networked learning” component by connecting organizations not in attendance with portions of the conference. Key outcomes, session content, video and other materials from the each country’s conference will be shared to benefit all of the countries’ program participants.

It’s wonderful to see the enthusiasm of participant NGOs during the E-Mediat trainings. The past year has been a great learning experience for everyone involved with the program.

Here are some big successes of E-Mediat to date:

  • Over 220 organizations are participating in E-Mediat
  • E-Mediat organizations have raised almost $125,000 through social media campaigns
  • 12 E-Mediat training centers have been established across four countries
  • 83% of participants are using their new E-Mediat skills to engage with local and global communities
  • 112 participants created Twitter accounts and are tweeting regularly
  • 1,674 videos have been posted to E-Mediat YouTube channels
  • E-Mediat participants have created 131 public blogs

We hope that the Conference will help strengthen the online and offline network of attendees and be a fun and enriching experience for everyone!



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