E-Mediat Workshops Launched in Yemen

In April, E-Mediat Yemen team conducted the 1st workshop for developing social media capacities of local NGOs. The 10 month program for delivering 5 social media training workshops was initially scheduled to start in June 2011. However, due to unavoidable circumstance the original schedule was changed and the program effectively started in March 2012 with participants from different local NGOs gathering in Sana’a city. The 1st workshop was conducted by trainer Ahmed Al-shami, under the supervision of SOUL for Development.


Social Networks

Social Networks

Participants attended first day of training with eagerness to learn more about social media. They asked lots of questions and were enthusiastic to enhance their organizations’ social media capacities even though some of them already had online presence.

Day 1 started with icebreaker session, allowing participants and the trainer an opportunity to know more about the group and get introduced to the workshop agenda. The first session was a networking exercise for the participants. The exercise required participants to post sticky notes on three flip charts. On the first chart, participants left notes with their names and details of their organization. The second chart (from me to we) or (Participants Interests), allowed participants to place 3 notes with their interests written on it. The third chart (Participants’ Inquiries & Discussions) was a wall for participants to write questions and share answers by using sticky notes. The overall idea of this activity was to show participants a practical way that would be used during training for sharing interests and mutual knowledge. This also introduced participants to a new way of interacting in a small social network. The trainer encouraged participants throughout the workshop to actively use the Inquires and Discussion Wall for asking questions and sharing answers. Continue reading