E-Mediat is a new technology training and capacity building program developed in response to Secretary Clinton’s announcement of Civil Society 2.0, an initiative which helps grassroots organizations around the world use digital technology to tell their stories, build membership and support, and connect to their community of peers around the world.

The program is funded by the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) of the United States Department of State with support and in-kind donations from Microsoft, Cisco and Craigslist Charitable Fund. The program is managed by the Institute of International Education (IIE), and implemented with a coalition of leading new media experts and local and international partners from the public and private sectors.

Program Details
E-Mediat will deliver targeted, cutting-edge new media training and coaching to a diverse group of 150 – 250 NGOs in order to build their digital infrastructure and capacity to use new media effectively. The program will create networks of diverse individuals and organizations that share knowledge, skills, and best practices in digital activism, new media, and advocacy. In-country trainings started in April 2011.

E-Mediat has been designed to accomplish the following goals:
– Increase CSO/NGO knowledge, access and skills to use new media effectively to advance their unique missions and strengthen their organizations;
– Improve communication between CSO/NGO leaders and key stakeholders and between CSO/NGOs and their communities of peers around the world;
– Improve communication between CSO/NGOs and governments in the MENA region.

Focus Countries
E-Mediat will be implemented in six countries:
– Jordan
– Lebanon
– Morocco
– Tunisia
– Yemen


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