Institute of Progressive Women Uses Social Media to Empower Women

Stacey Ramirez, Program Officer, Global Partnerships, Institute of International Education, writes on how E-Mediat participating NGOs are using social media to usher change in their communities.

Wafa Abed, President of the Institute of Progressive Women

Wafa Abed, President of the Institute of Progressive Women

Amending laws that discriminate against women and promoting the passage of laws that empower them and allow them to be part of the decision-making process at all levels is one of the main tenets of the Lebanese non-governmental organization The Institute of Progressive Women (IPW).
As a manager at BBAC Bank in Beirut, Wafa Abed, the president of IPW, was surprised to learn that Lebanese law prohibited mothers from opening a bank account in the name of a minor, even while acting as their guardian. She found out one day in 2009 when she bumped into Barbara Batlouni, country director of AMIDEAST, who had just tried to open an account for her children and was denied. Wafa, currently an E-Mediat participant in Beirut, told her, “Barbara, if we can get this law changed, the first account opened will be by you.” And with that, IPW, which works to amend laws that discriminate against women, launched an initiative to change the law, as part of USAID’s Transparency and Accountability Grants project. Continue reading


Video by E-Mediat participating NGO receives recognition in Tunisia

Featuring post (edited version) from E-Mediat Tunisia Blog

E-Mediat Participating NGO “Association of Journalist of Kairouan” won the 2nd prize of the best political video by Web Manager Center, which is one of the most famous Tunisian online magazine. On November 29, 2011 Mr Adel Nagati, President of the Association of Journalists of Kairouan was awarded the second prize of the best political video on Internet.

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E-Mediat Inspires Online Social Networks in Lebanon

Edited version of the original post on Hayya Bina’s blog. Hayya Bina is a Lebanon based NGO working on promoting inclusive citizenship and participated in E-Mediat trainings in Lebanon.
Hayya Bina is a Lebanese civic initiative dedicated to offering a platform for moderate, liberal and independent voices and launched the Teach Women English (TWE) program in 2008. TWE is dedicated to promoting economic opportunities for women in rural regions of Lebanon through English language education. Given the difficulty of accessing peripheral and rural locations, TWE has predominately relied upon traditional means of promoting the program in remote areas of society, including face-to-face meetings, phone calls, and letters. As TWE grew, so did the need to expand methods of communication and promotion. Continue reading

E-Mediat NGOs play a Role in Historic Tunisia Elections

Tunisia Elections 2011

Tunisia, the country that touched off the wider democracy movement known as the Arab Spring, was also the first country emerging from the movement to hold free elections. The historic elections were held October 23rd, 2011 and the E-Mediat Tunisia program played an exciting role in supporting this transition to democracy. Continue reading