New Media for Networked NGO: E-Mediat Networking Conference

Heather Ramsey, Director, Strategic Partnerships and Center for Women’s Leadership Initiatives, shares her excitement for the upcoming Networking Conference

Training of Trainers, Beirut, February 2011

Training of Trainers, Beirut, February 2011

Our team spread from San Francisco to Amman, Rabat, Beirut, and Tunis are enthusiastically preparing for our upcoming conferences to be held at the Dead Sea in Jordan and in Fez, Morocco in March. We are thrilled that Beth Kanter, co-author of The Networked Nonprofit and master curriculum developer and trainer for the E-Mediat program will lead both conferences along with our local teams. For the E-Mediat leadership teams, partners, trainers, participant NGOs, the conferences will be a great opportunity to meet face-to-face and share their successes and challenges. Continue reading


IIE West Coast Center’s Social Media Experiment

Nicole Wood, Communications and Administrative Associate at Institute of International Education, West Coast Center shares insights from a recent social media experiemnt.



As IIE West Coast Center’s first social media officer, I have the exciting opportunity of using innovative social media tools to introduce our work to a greater audience. Social media is used primarily to expose our training and scholarship opportunities to a wider audience, encourage followers to become involved with our programs, and to provide participants with a platform for continued connection through our extensive networks. IIE West Coast Center is relatively new to social media and we are currently in a stage of experimentation. By utilizing social media tools that allow us to effectively covey our mission, we hope to shape our outreach strategy and move in Beth Kanter’s words “from crawling to walking” and eventually flying.

After considering various options, I decided to work on designing and implementing a social media experiment for the IIE West Coast Center’s Twitter handle. My goal was to expand the reach of our organization and deliver focused content to our audience. To begin with, I have launched a “focus on hashtag” experiment for the duration of one month. This experiment outlines a Twitter schedule, consisting of a designated topic for each day of the week: Continue reading

Learning From “Bell Bajao” Social Media Campaign

Bell Bajao (Ring the Bell) campaign in India has turned out to be a great social media success story. The campaign highlights the use and influence of social media in creating awareness on social issues. The campaign is run by Breakthrough, a global Human Rights organization based in India and United States.
IndiaSocial has a detailed article on the Bell Bajao case study. It is a great read for any organization planning a campaign through social media and on-the-ground efforts. Here are few interesting highlights of the Bell Bajao campaign. Continue reading

Social Media Is Not An After-Thought

Darian R. Heyman speaking at #sm4np conference

The Social Media for Non-Profits Conference in San Francisco on November 4 was great opportunity to learn and connect with some amazing social media enthusiasts. The biggest takeaway for E-Mediat team was that social media should not be an after-thought in an organization’s communications strategy. Organizations should work on their communications strategy but should be flexible to adapt and align components of this strategy to the social media tools they choose to use. For instance, Craig Newmark, founder & customer service representative, Craigslist, made a great comment when he pointed out one ‘worst practice’ on social media: “Don’t speak on social media in the language of press releases.” Continue reading