Networking and Fundraising Training for NGOs in Morocco

Guest post by Widad EL HANAFI, E-Mediat Morocco Country Director

Networking and Fundraising Event

Networking and Fundraising Event

On May 5th, E-Mediat Morocco organized a training session on Fundraising and Networking in Ifrane. The training session gathered 30 NGO members coming from different cities and rural villages from l’Oriental and Midlle Atlas regions.

We started our training session with a networking exercise that encouraged participants to meet and talk in groups of two and discuss about each other’s work, interests and organizations. After that each participant introduced his/her partner’s NGO and defined a common interest or project they could work on together in the future. The purpose of this networking exercise was twofold: 1) helping participants learn about each other and 2) reiterating the importance of networks in the success of a fundraising campaign and any other project.

During the fundraising session, we focused on providing NGOs with basic steps to create a fundraising plan and to integrate social media tools into that plan. The fundraising session also featured lessons learned from fundraising stories from the Arab world, United States and Morocco. During this session, we also provided a brief overview of E-Commerce in Morocco and introduced some institutions that provided online payment services and fundraising platforms. More details on the fundraising session are available on Integrating Social Media tools into your NGO Fundraising plan blogpost. Continue reading


New Media for Networked NGO: E-Mediat Networking Conference

Heather Ramsey, Director, Strategic Partnerships and Center for Women’s Leadership Initiatives, shares her excitement for the upcoming Networking Conference

Training of Trainers, Beirut, February 2011

Training of Trainers, Beirut, February 2011

Our team spread from San Francisco to Amman, Rabat, Beirut, and Tunis are enthusiastically preparing for our upcoming conferences to be held at the Dead Sea in Jordan and in Fez, Morocco in March. We are thrilled that Beth Kanter, co-author of The Networked Nonprofit and master curriculum developer and trainer for the E-Mediat program will lead both conferences along with our local teams. For the E-Mediat leadership teams, partners, trainers, participant NGOs, the conferences will be a great opportunity to meet face-to-face and share their successes and challenges. Continue reading

Looking Back at 2011

As 2011 draws to a close, E-Mediat teams in Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia reflect back at the trainings and experiences that made this year so special!

Nada Hamzeh, E-Mediat Country Director, Lebanon

Mobile Strategy Workshop, Lebanon

Mobile Strategy Workshop, Lebanon

Five basic workshops and more than three additional workshops connected us with over 50 organizations in Lebanon and the trainings were instrumental in introducing them to the strategy of using social media. We started our work by changing the commonly views about networking, social communication and outreach strategy among local organizations.
Time was shorter than the content but we accepted the challenge because we realized that the need for this training was much larger than our challenges. Our first achievement was deleting the word “new” from the New Media Training. We believe that social media has become an essential need for organizations and not just another option; social media is the core of any organizations mainstream communications strategy rather than an auxiliary medium. We are glad that during the past year the E-Mediat trainings inspired many organizations to experiment with participatory communication approach and led to some impressive changes on the ground. Continue reading

Impressions from Tunisia and Morocco

Heather Murphy, Senior Program Officer, Global Partnerships at Institute of International Education shares her experiences from a recent visit to Tunisia and Morocco.

Heather Murphy enjoying her visit to Tunisia

I spent most of October conducting site visits to E-Mediat partners in Tunisia and Morocco. It was an amazing experience! As always, I am so impressed with the incredible work that the organizations involved in E-Mediat training do on a daily basis. And there is the added benefit of eating loads of delicious foods! Following the revolution, the NGO sector in Tunisia has been revitalized. The NGO sector is being redefined as more and more organizations are created every day. The E-Mediat program works to support the growth and build the capacity of new and existing NGOs and it is a wonderful experience to be here on the ground to see not only the E-Mediat program in action, but also have a firsthand look at the emerging NGO community. During my site visits to E-Mediat partners, I had the opportunity to meet with the leaders of participant NGOs from Sfax, a city about three hours south of Tunis. They spoke candidly about their hopes for the new government, their excitement for the upcoming elections and the joy they felt about be a part of history and having a voice in shaping Tunisia’s future. Continue reading