Networking and Fundraising Training for NGOs in Morocco

Guest post by Widad EL HANAFI, E-Mediat Morocco Country Director

Networking and Fundraising Event

Networking and Fundraising Event

On May 5th, E-Mediat Morocco organized a training session on Fundraising and Networking in Ifrane. The training session gathered 30 NGO members coming from different cities and rural villages from l’Oriental and Midlle Atlas regions.

We started our training session with a networking exercise that encouraged participants to meet and talk in groups of two and discuss about each other’s work, interests and organizations. After that each participant introduced his/her partner’s NGO and defined a common interest or project they could work on together in the future. The purpose of this networking exercise was twofold: 1) helping participants learn about each other and 2) reiterating the importance of networks in the success of a fundraising campaign and any other project.

During the fundraising session, we focused on providing NGOs with basic steps to create a fundraising plan and to integrate social media tools into that plan. The fundraising session also featured lessons learned from fundraising stories from the Arab world, United States and Morocco. During this session, we also provided a brief overview of E-Commerce in Morocco and introduced some institutions that provided online payment services and fundraising platforms. More details on the fundraising session are available on Integrating Social Media tools into your NGO Fundraising plan blogpost. Continue reading


Lessons Learnt from McDonald’s Social Media Disaster

The following post was originally published in eMarketing Wall



When you are a company whose products are synonymous with fast food and poor nutrition and whose job posts have made it into the Oxford English Dictionary as a byword for “An unstimulating, low-paid job with few prospects, esp. one created by the expansion of the service sector,” you might, understandably, want to use social media to get a different message across.

This is exactly what McDonald’s did when it decided to pour some cash into Twitter and buy some Twitter hashtags to promote its use of fresh produce, inserting paid-for tweets into the streams of Twitter users with the hashtag #MeetTheFarmers.
The campaign was intended to last 24-hours and it was well-intentioned enough and, initially, at least, appeared to work. When McDonald’s however changed the hashtag to #McDStories things went south very quickly. The hashtag was hijacked by angry customers who posted Tweets like: Continue reading

E-Mediat Lebanon Team Shares Experience of Arab Women Summit

Guest Post by Nada Hamzeh, E-Mediat country Director, Lebanon

I was more than glad to participate in The Arab Women Summit in Rabat, Morocco on December 6th and 7th. The Summit highlighted use of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) by Arab women, improving their education in ICT and giving them the opportunity to contribute to their country’s economy. The Summit was organized by IDC MEA in partnership with ISESCO and in collaboration with UNDP, UN Women, the World Bank, Intel, Dell, ESCWA, ECWT and Mohammed VI Foundation.

I shared E-Mediat experience with highly enthusiastic women coming not only from Arab countries but from all over the world to talk about the need of Arab women to be given the same access to technology as men. Currently a variety of educational, accessibility, cost and social barriers limit the use of ICT by women in the Arab countries. Continue reading